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Personalised, Custom Ashes Caskets, Funeral Urns and Scatter Tubes for Cremated Remains

ASHES urns


All our Ashes Urns are designed to replicate various types of stone, wood, and metal. Printed with a laminate coating, they afford a faithful representation, visually stunning, made to a very high standard, and are a very popular choice. However, they are of MDF construction, and will not lend themselves to being stored outside.


This range of Cremation Ashes Caskets, known as 'Vault Urns' are quite a unique design. They are more simplistic and contemporary and aim to replicate a variety of stone effects as well as metals and wood. They can be printed to include images that replicate an engraved or etched impression, reflecting a realistic look, simple but elegant.. You can add text, a photograph, a verse and it's all included in the price. So is delivery, VAT and everything else you need. Click on a product and look at the additional information for options, sizes, and delivery. 

Ashes Casket Urns are an alternative and we offer a variety of other container options for you to select from. It is important to remember that even though we extend a range of standard designs, you can actually have whatever design you want. We believe that you are only limited by your imagination. If you want a design different from what is illustrated, contact us first so we can discuss your requirements before committing to a purchase.

Making an Ashes Casket
Making an Ashes Urn

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