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Should you prefer a design that is not illustrated, or have more specific design ideas, we are able to extend a bespoke design service.You may wish for a particular scenic view, or a unique hobby or interest depicted. You may also have your own photographs to use, and we are more than happy to help you put together something individual. We do make an additional cost for a bespoke design, however, this doesn’t mean that every bespoke Ashes Casket will be charged as such. It may be that what you are looking for already exists in our library, meaning we wouldn’t have to make an additional cost. We suggest that you contact us first with your preference of design, we can then determine if this will be a standard charge or if an additional cost is required.



Please remember, when opting for a 'Bespoke' Ashes Casket, we have to consider copyright law. You are welcome to send us images to use, but these need to be yours. In addition, a 'Bespoke' design doesn't permit the use of logos, badges or other images that have intelectual rights associated with them unless you have the relevent permission. You can add text, a photograph, a verse and it's all included in the price. So is delivery, VAT and everything else you need. Look at the additional information below for options, sizes, and delivery information.




Please note that even though this option affords you the freedom to have your chosen design, we still need to ensure that intellectual rites are respected. The use of a Logo, Association or Club Badge or other artwork that is owned by someone else must have permission agreed for it's use. Emblems, Military Insignia, Football Club Badges, these are not free to use unless you have a written consent from the owner.



This range of Ashes Caskets are now available in a NEW 'Matt' finish laminate for those prefering a less glossy finish. Just select the option when placing your order.


£150.00 Regular Price
£135.00Sale Price
  • Cremation Ashes Caskets are an MDF receptacle designed to hold Cremated Remains. The casket has a lid and a removable base, of which you have a choice of solid wood: Oak, Mahogany and Stained Mahogany. The casket has decorative wrapping applied, a design of which is made to your requirements. Cremation Ashes Caskets come in three convenient sizes: Adult, Half-Size and Keep-Sake although we can also extend other sizes as a 'Special Order'. Cremation Ashes Caskets have several uses, primarily to hold the remains. A unique and appealing concept for home retention. In addition, they are designed for conventional burial in most cemeteries, churchyards or for a home garden interment.



    Cremation Ashes Caskets come in a multitude of stock designs and we're confident that there will be something for most people. This brochure reflects a standard range of stock designs, all of which can be personalised with a photograph, name, dales and a verse or personal message.



    NO, not really, we believe that you are only limited by your own imagination. There are certain copyright issues to consider when creating a Creative Casket. If we are asked to work with images supplied to us, we need to know that they are yours to use ... that's it.