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Welcome to our NEW collection of real Glitter Ashes Caskets. A truly innovative array of colour, an abundance of sparkle and a generous splash of glamour. Our Pet Glitter Caskets have a textured finish, highly durable, waterproof, extremely stable, and long-lasting. You can opt for one of our solid wood bases, or why not go all out and have the entire Pet Ashes Casket in glitter, the choice is yours. This range is available in three sizes.


We even provide a Nameplate FREE of CHARGE, with your choice of inscription, it's all included in the price. So is delivery, VAT, and everything else you need. Look at the additional information below for more details.


  • Pet Ashes Caskets are an MDF receptacle designed to hold Cremated Remains. The casket has a lid and a removable base, of which you have a choice of solid wood: Oak, Mahogany, and Stained Mahogany, some of our range offer printed base options. This casket range has decorative glitter fabric wrapping applied, in a colour of your choice from our standard selection. Pet Ashes Caskets come in three convenient sizes: Large, Medium, and Small, although we can also extend other sizes as a 'Special Order'. Pet Ashes Caskets have several uses, primarily to hold the remains. A unique and appealing concept for home retention. In addition, they can also be provided for home burial should this be a requirement.



    Unfortunately, due to the textured glitter fabric, we are unable to print a photograph. However, we do provide a FREE Nameplate and a photograph can be included, just let us know.