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'Scatter Tubes' are a modern and innovative alternative for retaining Cremated Remains. This collection reflects a few examples of football team colours. Even though we only illustrate a small selection here, we have hundreds of protentional designs on offer. You can add text, a photograph, a verse and it's all included in the price. So is delivery, VAT and everything else you need. Look at the additional information below for options, sizes, and delivery information.



Please note that these Ashes Scatter Tubes are representative of team colours only and do NOT come with any team Emblem, Badge, Crest or Logo. Due to copyright laws, formal permission will need to be gained from the specific club for their artwork to be used. We are more than happy to apply for use of artwork, but we cannot guarantee that approval will be achieved. You may wish to make your own enquiries with your local club 'BEFORE' purchasing an Ashes Scatter Tube. Through experience, we have found that family enquiries tend to be more successful than an enquiry made through a business.


Should you want a Club Badge incorporated into the design, please CONTACT US FIRST.


  • Scatter Tubes are a cardboard receptacle designed to hold Cremated Remains. The tube has an inner sleeve into which the ashes are held, after which an outer decorative sleeve is applied, a design of which is made to your requirements.


    Scatter Tubes come in four convenient sizes, which are explained in the ‘Dimensions’ tab below. Scatter Tubes have several uses, primarily to hold the remains. A unique and appealing concept for home retention. In addition, they are designed for scattering Cremated Remains, having an easy to puncture inner lid to enable controlled and dignified dispersal. The tubes can also be used for conventional burial, even in natural burial grounds.