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Our innovative and unique range of Pet Ashes Caskets are a modern and creative alternative to the more traditional choices. If you are opting for cremation for your beloved pet, then having a meaningful range of options is important, not just for a final resting place, but to help commemorate their life. This collection reflects our range of Montage Design options in SMALL size. We also provide a choice of solid wood base in either: Oak, Mahogany, or Stained Mahogany. You can add an inscription, photographs, a verse, a prayer, and it is all included in the price. So is delivery, VAT, and everything else you need. Look at the additional information tabs for more details.



For our MEDIUM Pet Ashes Casket, when creating a Montage design, that a maximum of five images will usually prove to be a maximum. You can have less if you wish, and when providing the images, select one specifically for the lid.

copy of PET Ashes Casket MONTAGE (SMALL)

  • Pet Ashes Caskets are an MDF receptacle designed to hold Cremated Remains. The casket has a lid and a removable base, of which you have a choice of solid wood: Oak, Mahogany, and Stained Mahogany, some of our range offer printed base options. The casket has decorative wrapping applied, a design of which is made to your requirements and then finished with a highly durable laminate application, available in Gloss and, with some designs, an alternative Matt finish. Pet Ashes Caskets come in three convenient sizes: Large, Medium, and Small, although we can also extend other sizes as a 'Special Order'. Pet Ashes Caskets have several uses, primarily to hold the remains. A unique and appealing concept for home retention. In addition, they can also be provided for home burial should this be a requirement.



    This range illustrates our MONTAGE design option which enables you to use the casket as a canvas to celebrate your beloved pet's life. We suggest a maximum of fifteen photographs for this large size option.