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Our Ashes Grave Markers are designed on-screen and then printed to an extreme laminate material which is durable, weather resistant and UV protectived. They are NOT real Brass or Nickel, and the inscription is printed to replicate an engaved effect.


Our Grave or 'Memorial Markers' are a practical, visual and low cost option for marking a place of interment, scattering or sentimental relevence. A 'Temporary' means of identification, they are provided in three sizes and two colour finishes. We can personalise each Marker with Name, Dates, some additional text, even a photograph should you want.

Ashes Grave Marker

  • A Grave Marker is a ‘Temporary’ means of marking the final resting place of a loved one. It could be a Grave in a Cemetery or Church Yard, where Cremated Remains have been scattered or interred. It can also be used to commemorate a loved one, placed in your own garden under a favourite Bench, Rose Bush or Tree.


    A Grave Marker is intended as a temporary means of identification, even though they have exceptional durability to changing weather conditions and protected from UV, they will have a limited life depending upon where they are used. Through experience, clients have suggested that they remain stable for about six months, some have said they lasted them a year or more.


    The Grave Marker is made from solid Oak or Mahogany and are available in three sizes, those as our Nameplates. In simple terms, it is a Nameplate fixed to a wooden plaque, this is what a Grave Marker is. Our Nameplates are printed on a durable laminate material, weather proof, they don’t fade for a long time due to their UV protective quality although you do need to expect, being temporary, that eventually they will begin to lighten. The wooden plaque has a peg attached which enables you to simply push into the ground to keep it in place.


    If you prefer the Nameplate fixed to a Bench or Wall, we can provide the Grave Marker WITHOUT a peg and the Wooden Plaque having four pre-drilled holes, is simple to fix in place. Just let us know when you go through checkout that this is what you would prefer, or just give us a call.