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Our Grave or 'Memorial Markers' are a practical, visual and low cost option for marking a place of interment, scattering or sentimental relevence. A 'Temporary' means of identification, they are provided in three sizes and two colour finishes. We can personalise each Marker with Name, Dates, some additional text, even a photograph should you want.

Ashes Grave Marker (Medium) MAHOGANY

  • A Grave Marker is a ‘Temporary’ means of marking the final resting place of a loved one. It could be a Grave in a Cemetery or Church Yard, where Cremated Remains have been scattered or interred. It can also be used to commemorate a loved one, placed in your own garden under a favourite Bench, Rose Bush or Tree. A Grave Marker is intended as a temporary means of identification, even though they have exceptional durability to changing weather conditions and protected from UV, they will have a limited life depending upon where they are used. Through experience, clients have suggested that they remain stable for about six months, some have said they lasted them a year or more.


    The Grave Marker is made from solid Oak or Mahogany and are available in three sizes, those as our Nameplates. In simple terms, it is a Nameplate fixed to a wooden plaque, this is what a Grave Marker is. Our Nameplates are printed on a durable laminate material, weather proof, they don’t fade for a long time due to their UV protective quality although you do need to expect, being temporary, that eventually they will begin to lighten. The wooden plaque has a peg attached which enables you to simply push into the ground to keep it in place.


    If you prefer the Nameplate fixed to a Bench or Wall, we can provide the Grave Marker WITHOUT a peg and the Wooden Plaque having four pre-drilled holes, is simple to fix in place. Just let us know when you go through checkout that this is what you would prefer, or just give us a call.