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A beautiful and contemporary way in which to retain and cherish your meaningful keep-sakes. Similar in concept to our Ashes Cremation Casket but larger and with a slip on, lift off lid. Just select your preferred design from our Ashes Casket range, provide the information we need during check out and we will send you a proof for approval.


Design options are the same as those of Ashes Caskets, so we have countless possibilities. All we ask is that you go to our Ashes Casket section, decide on what design you prefer and note this when you place your Memory Chest order. We can then begin to digitally create your Memory Chest, with the addition of your chosen text, and if you are including a photograph. The proof will be sent for approval BEFORE we begin production. You can make as many changes to the artwork as you want until the final design meets your approval.

Memory Chest (OAK BASE)

  • A Memory Chest is an MDF box designed to hold treasured keep-sakes such as Photographs, Mementos, Letters and other possessions of sentimental value. The body of the box, along with the lid, has a decorative wrapping designed to your requirements and is applied with a protective, gloss laminate covering. The lid sits on top of the box, it slots into place so no small hinges that will work loose over time. The base is, very much, an integral part of the design and is available in three solid wood finishes: Oak, Mahogany and Stained Mahogany. Memory Chests only come in one size, please see our Information Section ‘Dimensions’ for more details.



    Memory Chests come in a multitude of stock designs and we're confident that there will be something for most people. To select a design, go to our ‘Cremation Ashes Caskets’ section and select your preferred option and enter the details when going through check out. Any one of our casket designs will adapt to a Memory Chest, all of which can be personalised with a photograph, name, dates and a verse or personal message.


    WE WILL SEND YOU A PROOF FIRST once you have placed your order so you can see what the design will look like before we create the finished product. You can make changes if you prefer or change the overall design, we only produce a Memory Chest once you are completely happy with the artwork supplied.



    A bespoke design is an option for those who prefer a Memory Chest with an illustration not reflected in our standard range. Our Design Team can create just about any design, just tell us what you want and we will put together a proof for your approval. There is a small additional cost for this service but for those seeking something individual, this may suite your needs.



    NO, not really, we believe that you are only limited by your own imagination. There are certain copyright issues to consider when creating a Memory Chest. If we are asked to work with images supplied to us, we need to know that they are yours to use ... that's it.