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Vault Urns are quite a unique type of casket for Cremated Remains. They are of a more simplistic design and aim to replicate a variety of stone effects as well as metals and wood. They can be engraved in a way that looks like an inscribed design, reflecting a realistic look, simple but elegant. . You can add text, a photograph, a verse and it's all included in the price. So is delivery, VAT and everything else you need. Look at the additional information below for options, sizes, and delivery information.



This range of Vault Urns are now available in a NEW 'Matt' finish laminate for those prefering a less glossy finish. Just select the option when placing your order.

Ashes Casket Urn MID GREY SLATE

  • Vault Urns are a more simplistic style of Casket for Cremated Remains although reflecting a modern and contemporary look. It is an elegant block design; the inserted base is removable to allow access for placing Cremated Remains. The design options are limited, all of which are representative of various stone materials, metals and a selection of wood finishes. It is made in the same way as a Creative Casket, it has a gloss laminate covering, printed to simulate various materials, it can include an inscription, a verse, even a photograph. The Vault Urn also lends itself to the addition of simple icons, insignia or badges which are created in an inscribed or etched effect.



    Vault Urns come in a multitude of stock designs and we're confident that there will be something for most people. This section reflects a standard range, all of which can be personalised with a photograph, name, dates and a verse or personal message. Should you have a material finish you’d like us to use, let us know, we may be able to provide it for you. However, the simplicity of design means that we only offer the Vault Urn in the material finishes illustrated, we don’t extend a full bespoke service for this product.