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Nameplates for a variety of uses, available in three finishes and three sizes, they are a versatile means of providing identification, are quick to order and easy to apply: Coffins, Ashes Caskets, a Cross, a Bench, our printed plates afford a cost effective and convenient alternative to traditional engraving and you can have up to five lines of text and a FREE Motif from our Standard Range. Produced from a highly durable laminate, they are UV protected, 100% waterproof and ideal for outside use over an extended period. All inscriptions are done in TIMES ROMAN as standard.


The product you have selected is ideally suited for a GRAVE MARKER or BENCH (15cm x 10cm)


Nameplate (Medium) in Nickel Effect

  • Primarily a means of providing identification, to a Coffin, a Grave Maker, Cremated Remains, a Memorial Bench. Our Nameplates are designed in three finishes, Brass, Nickel and Copper effects, PRINTED on a highly durable laminate material which makes them perfectly suited for outside use. Due to the material and being laser printed, the laminate material is protected from UV, the colour doesn’t fade, for outside use you can expect them to last for at least six months, if not longer.


    The printed laminate is then fixed to a backing plate, the colour of which matches the print. We use an aggressive adhesive, waterproof and permanent. The finished Nameplate is fixed to a Coffin, Ashes Casket, Grave Marker, Cross or Bench by means of a strip of double-sided tape - simple. Alternatively, it can be pinned on, the choice is yours.

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